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Recent Artworks and Costume Photos.

Lost Kingdoms about the Mushroom World.

It's rather obvious what my current Fandom obsession is~

I have 3 kingdoms in the works;
The dangerous and opulent Underworld Kingdom of Gehenell, The sweet and daring Desserts Kingdom of Marignet, and The vivid and bouncy Fiesta Kingdom of Balesina.

.SMB.REF. The Lady of the Boneyard by WickedQueenV .SMB.REF. The Viscountess of Beignette by WickedQueenV .SMB.REF. The Archduke of Brulee by WickedQueenV

As usual this is a rather huge Work in Progress and a delightful challenge in itself~

For more info on these characters and then some go ahead and head on over to my Gallery Page for them

Delightful NiGHTS

Though I am reintroducing myself to the lovely world of NiGHTS...
I have two welcoming and Tricky 'marens who run about to do Master Wizeman's Bidding~!

.NiD.REF. Thorny TRiCK by WickedQueenV .NiD.Ref. Vivacious Vesna by WickedQueenV

TRiCK the Cheshire, and Vesna are my two fanmarens~

Legends of Kung Fu

This is a work in Progress as I bring back my characters!

The Clockwork World

This is currently a WiP, I'd like do draw more pictures concerning my Baby~

Delightful Shout Outs~!

I have the best Friends in the world~
I just don't know what I would do without them~
They are my voices of reason, my muses, the ones I want to protect~!

:iconcheckerboardprincess: :iconcricrica: :iconstarlite-decay:
:iconmasterskadu: :iconcastle-sass: :icongrapplemace:
:iconshuball: :iconpallypie: :iconluigirules64:

That isn't to say I don't have awesome normal friends as well~ You guys make the days pleasant and give me lots of ideas and to see characters in a whole different light~
In other words; please keep being awesome and please keep inspiring me with your wonderous artwork as well!

:iconcodetsuzuki: :iconicecreamlink: :iconcorykatze:
:iconchibikirbylover: :iconsamuraibeatbox: :icondurribie:

As usual do not be offended if you are not on this little box of wonders; Like a fruit tree this can grow or lie dormant~

In other words, bleating how I apparently do not consider you a friend based on a shout out on an art website will make me prone to NOT adding you. Use common sense!! Don't do it!!!

Stamps Maybe?

Stamp of the Boneyard by GrappleMace I Accept stamp by AwesomebyAccident Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi

Super Mario World stamp by 5-3-10-4 Wario by Fleischparade Stamp: Bowser by Tee-J
Princess Peach by ovstamps Petey Piranha Love Stamp by smileystamps Wendy Koopa Love Stamp by kcjedi89

Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Bara fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Crossdressing by xMissSin

i love superheroes stamp by Roux-m Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 DC Comics Stamp by NewEraUsher
MARVEL Director Fury Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Maria Hill Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Agent Phil Coulson Stamp by TwilightProwler
MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler The Avengers Stamp by TwilightProwler Thor -The Dark World Stamp - Loki smile by The-GreenGoblin

Batman Animated Series stamp by Bourbons3 Nightwing by BlondeShadow Damian Wayne Stamp by ryoshockwave
Young Justice Stamp 2 by neomon Plastic Man - Monies stamp by shockcake Harley Quinn Stamp by IchiseGossip

Ganondorf Stamp by Zaira-Karanfil Ganondorf (Ganon) by mediodia91 Dark Beast Ganon Stamp by ProfessorPemzini

Skies of Arcadia stamp by Stareon Nights by Miss-Dicess (Request) Catherine Stamp by SoraJayhawk77


Concerning Roleplays

It's a Known fact that I ADORE Roleplaying.
Nothing helps me understand and form wondrous connections with my characters than a good RP.
Please know that I would be considered Advanced Literate. I dare to say I am magnificent using the Novel Format.
My intros can go on for a bit if I am into it...
And I will say that the best roleplay partners are the ones who you can talk to brilliantly.
Ones that understand you and just work!!
But that doesn't mean I am not looking!!

For Samples of my Roleplaying for both Posts, and Intros, simply ask~!
Hopefully they won't intimidate anyone~!
..I do get waaaay into posts~


:iconsquidward-kun: :iconmasterskadu: :iconprincessahagen: :iconmio299: :iconchoco-sensei:

The Road to Comic Con- 16hrs til Showtime

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 5:00 PM

Note me

OK So....

Alot of things have happened in the past week.
Some super personal, only close friends will know/understand and I am so grateful that they do.

My room was actually partially Flooded;
I didn't realize this until I went looking for my skirt pattern for Loki and came upon it.

I'm currently living out of my mom's living room and my room (and the bathroom) are gutted.
Which means for a good... 4 days they had these huge honking dehumidifiers in my room and the bathroom...
And when the Microwave was used the power went off in certain parts of the house
The living room which has my Desktop [Nosferatu] and my Sewing Machine [Thriller].

This is the reason why I have had no pictures or WiPs...
I cannot have my fabric all over or armor to work on BUT the foldable table I am using for my desktop and sewing machine.
And because my mother tends to not want her living room torn asunder by my cosplays.

So yeah sorry about that guys but I'll keep trying to attempt to take pictures and such!


:iconlapekana: (and hopefully) :iconshin-j2k: aaaand others!

Please note me so I can at least get your Skypes or phone numbers!
I've love to meet up with the two of you again!
Not to mention there IS a Marvel Photo OP on Friday,
And the Costume Contest on Saturday!

I will be volunteering all 4 days, and trying to spend most of Friday with My Thor :iconcheckerboardprincess: and Bromigo Shu (Aka The Junkyard Warrior!) :iconshuball:
And Saturday this Trickster will be dragging poor :iconmasterskadu: ALL over the convention center and ALL over downtown San Diego.
...And telling him he needs to volunteer with me next year~!

Comic Con Roster for 2014


Princess Luna

Princess-Luna-image-princess-luna-36167518-500-281 by WickedQueenV





Loki (Round 2!)



Team Magma Grunt

(Apologies to my fellow Team Rocket Members.. but the Boss has been waiting for Ruby to be remade for almost a decade. Boss V needs her giant land lizard!!)

That is all! Back to work!

Coded and designed by kjherstin 2008


Colored Sketch Busts
Join-Medoodles111113-Shrodu by WickedQueenV
Join-Medoodles111113e by WickedQueenV
Quick Colored Sketches of your Characters with Busts~!
Quick Colored Sketches; 3/4ths
.SMB.CONS. Past and Present by WickedQueenV
.SMB.REQ. A Lady and her Piper by WickedQueenV
.SMB.CONS. Day and Night by WickedQueenV
Quick Colored Sketes
Added Character Quick Sketch!
.TCW.StyleStudy. Mutual Disdainment by WickedQueenV
.SMB. A Grand Admirer of the Observatory by WickedQueenV
.SMB. Heirs of Maringet by WickedQueenV
Added Character for Quick Sketches!!
Full Colored Fully Lined
.SMB.CONS. Sunrise and Sunset by WickedQueenV
.SMB. Dolce Libretto by WickedQueenV
.SMB.TRADE. Trust You by WickedQueenV
Adding another character will be more points!!
Simple Refs
.SMB.REF. Most Trusted Advisor by WickedQueenV
.SMB.REF. The Viscountess of Beignette by WickedQueenV
.SMB.REF. The Lady of the Boneyard by WickedQueenV
Super Simple Flat Colored Refs. 
Lined and with a front, back and profile along with color palette.

Long Live the Queen!

Profile Picture by WickedQueenV

The Wicked Queen.
I go by V.

I do whatever it takes to just be Marvelous.
I try and do everything in a manner of Elegance, Ambition and a full frontal assault of Unparalleled Villainy.

I draw primarily with a rather Old Bamboo Fun tablet named Billy, partnered with Adobe Photoshop CS4.
And Sometimes a Sketchpad, pencils and a Ballpoint Pen.
I enjoy doodling about costume and character ideas~

I my style will always be a one of a kind; always a Work in Progress~!
But I do dabble in Kung fu Panda, Sonic, My Little Pony, Pokemon... or any other animation style that strikes my fancy!

Queen|Cosplayer|Team Rocket Boss|Avenger

What I am All About~

I do appreciate the faves, but it matters to me much more to know WHY you fave it~
So please Comment~!

I am also ALL ABOUT Roleplays~
I love them.
They help me get inspired and think up awesome things to do~
I even doodle scenes from said Roleplays sometimes~!

I'm usually on Skype ZombieAddict

Commissions Stamp by Lunatta Collabs stamp by Lunatta Art trades stamp by Lunatta
Kiriban stamp by Lunatta Point Commissions Stamp by Lunatta Requests Stamp by Lunatta


:iconpeachs-lost-guys: :iconthe-rocket-dan: :iconmarioslostgirls: :icongrandfinale-ra:

Oh would you look at that? Kung Fu Panda Times 

7 deviants said Fight me.
6 deviants said Yeeeees!
2 deviants said What about the Princesses! ;w;
1 deviant said Anyone who choses the princess option might be a but of a punk.
1 deviant said Seeing as I have had no want to try and draw more princesses because most Princess OCs are boring and bland.
1 deviant said KFP is more of a challenge. Princesses with the same damn body type and recolor stuffs are nothing compared to it.


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Hey, I talked to Ajax. You were right. Sometimes wars and arguments aren't always the best options. Remorse heals all anger between opposing sides. I know I have told you on several occasions and stabbed you in the back every one but I am deeply sorry. I should not have gotten so worked up over a fictional character; and I was a fool for going against your arc and derailing it. I hope to get feedback from you soon showing forgiveness. After all, anguish and bitterness only makes chasms widen. I have built my half of the bridge, time that we settle this dispute once and for all.
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