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About Digital Art / Student Core Member Miss VFemale/United States Group :iconrosenschwert-na: RosenSchwert-NA
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Recent Artworks and Costume Photos.

Favorite Ships

Luken x Karma
Resting Bitch-Faced Devil with Glass-eyed Doll AKA The White Rabbit taking Alice down the Rabbit Hole
Cerberus x Renzo
This is a problematic Ship, AKA Both of you weirdos are trash, there is blood everywhere.

Sylvester x Prileen
Asshole Djinn with Angry Smol Pillow AKA A Rotten Banana with a Grape.
Witold x Charmaine
Ray of Sunshine Djinn with Cinderella Goat AKA STOP MAKING BABIES YOU TWO HOLY SHIT.
'Monty' x Kayli
Doopy Pupper with Zombie Scented Sweetie AKA Take the Big bad for Walkies you Angel
Chiffon x Barnaby
LITERAL Pure Roll with The 'Life' of the Party AKA There is too much sugar around here.

Udiya x Syruchi
Busty Ball of Angry with The Shirtless Wonder AKA We're sure those are Love Bites.
Flavie x Ialis
Pure Diner Girl with 007 AKA Two nerds who actually can fight better than their MMO characters.
Venus x Levan
The Mechanical Muse with Gigantic Cinnamon Roll AKA A Pissy Shut in protected by Furry Gamagoori

OC Pairings - Stamp by Petraea Shipping Trash (STAMP) by Peachii-Starr Odd Couples and Shippings Stamp by Critterz11

Please note these are CURRENT ships. Any ships that are... Dormant will not be named or posted here. I can add them if they become a thing with RPs/ Quick Dialogue things~

Concerning Roleplays

It's a Known fact that I ADORE Roleplaying.
Nothing helps me understand and form wondrous connections with my characters than a good RP.
Please know that I would be considered Advanced Literate. I dare to say I am magnificent using the Novel Format.
My intros can go on for a bit if I am into it...
And I will say that the best roleplay partners are the ones who you can talk to brilliantly.
Ones that understand you and just work!!
But that doesn't mean I am not looking!!
Please Keep in mind RPing relies on Trust, Communication and Flow. If you wish to RP with me please send me a ring and we can plan from there.

For Samples of my Roleplaying for both Posts, and Intros, simply ask~!
Hopefully they won't intimidate anyone~!
..I do get waaaay into posts~

Please note I am ONLY doing One-on-One RPs or SMALL GROUP RPs only.
Forum/Large Group RPs stress me out Immensely.

Open Roleplays by Enjoumou So Fucking Happy Go Lucky At the Moment by endler Give Them the Respect and Love They Deserve! by endler
Roleplay opposite gender by SparDanger Villian Roleplayer Stamp by TipoTheShy character development is important by bachika
RPStamp Roleplay Mature by PharaohQueen Smut and Plot by SayJoy RP sex by Rocky-Vermillion

It's Just Sort of Ruined by endler Making Bacon Pancakes, Making Bacon Pancakes by endler


:iconmeggiddo74: :iconnaraphim: :iconmikurei26: :icondisny: :icon7ix:




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

100% On Discord Now

Thu Jun 15, 2017, 8:59 PM

My Skype is going to be in no contact Limbo once July 1st hits.

Let's be honest, Discord's servers are soooooooo nice for RPs.

Discord is Miss V#0206
Please add me if you actually want to talk/be friends!!

I got too many people wanting to add me to just spam their stuff and really... not seem to care about me at all.
I'm a paranoid chick guys, be classy!
It'd be tops if you wanna add because you care even for me for a lil.
Even better if you're not an awkward sausage.

Still seeking peeps to chill with on Overwatch for the PC.
I tend to Main with D.Va and Soldier 76~
I'm getting pretty good with Tracer too!

Created at

Long Live the Queen!

The Wicked Queen.
I go by V.

I do whatever it takes to just be Marvelous.
I try and do everything in a manner of Elegance, Ambition and a full frontal assault of Unparalleled Villainy.

I draw primarily with a rather an Intuos Tablet, partnered with Adobe Photoshop CS6.
And Sometimes a Sketchpad, and a Ballpoint Pen.
I enjoy doodling about costume and character ideas~

And when Con Season Rolls around.... I sew!

My style will always be a one of a kind; always a Work in Progress~!
But I do dabble in Kung Fu Panda, My Little Pony. Pokemon... or any other animation style that strikes my fancy!

If I don't practice existing styles.. I am working on Anthro or Humanoid.


What I am All About~

I do appreciate the faves, but it matters to me much more to know WHY you fave it~!
So please Comment~!

I am also ALL ABOUT Roleplays~
I love them.
They help me get inspired and think up awesome things to do~
I even doodle scenes from said Roleplays sometimes~!

I'm usually on Discord Miss V#0206
NNID for WiiU HeyMissVoodoo
BattleNet for OverWatch HeyWickedV#1514
FriendCode for 3DS 1220-7148-6064 // Miss V
Phantasy Star Online 2 HeyMissVoodoo //
Ralenelle Eriel (HuFo OR GuRa) / Arun Eriel (BoFi) Ship 06 Ken

Please NOTE ME if you Add me to Any of these Accounts!!

FREE Classy Status button: Ask me about trades by koffeelam FREE Classy Status button: Ask me about Collab by koffeelam FREE Classy Status button: I don't do requests by koffeelam

Cosplay // Con Schedule for 2017

Convention List
Comic-Con International 2017 (Confirmed!)
Anime Expo 2017 (TBD)
Anime LA 2018 (TBD)
Wonder-Con 2018 (TBD!)

Cosplays on Tap
Wigglytuff (Pokemon) !!!
Wicke (Pokemon Sun/Moon) !!!
Bowser (Mario // Genderbent!) !!!
Ganondorf Genderbent 2.0 (Hyrule Warriors) !!!

Gateaux Genderbent (Mighty Magiswords)
Camilla (Fire Emblem Fates)
Fairy Type Biker Leader Wigglytuff (Pokemon)
Princess Chiffon (Original OC // Pet Project)
Garnet (Steven Universe)
Ruby (Steven Universe)
Jotaro Genderbent (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Marie (Splatoon)
TBD League of Legends Cosplay
TBD Final Fantasy Viera

Please note the Cosplay List will always Grow! If I can't do it this year Imma do it for the next year!! Anything with a * will be for next year most definitely!! Anything with a !!! Will be done This year!

Delightful Shout Outs~!

I have the best Friends in the world~
I just don't know what I would do without them~
They are my voices of reason, my muses, my Security Blanket so to say!

Sweetest Guy in the World~ :heart:


Fabulous Cosplay Partner!

Fantastic Friends

As usual do not be offended if you are not on this little box of wonders; Like a fruit tree this can grow or lie dormant~
In other words, bleating how I apparently do not consider you a friend based on a shout out on an art website will make me prone to NOT adding you. Use common sense!! Don't do it!!!

I'm stumped on how to go about my Wigglytuff Cosplay! Suggestions? 

3 deviants said PLZ COMMENT WITH IDEAS! ((Be constructive/classy with suggestions plz, I'm not doing a "sexy" Cosplay.)


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